25 Years of Photography

25 Years ago I was fresh out of Occidental College in Los Angeles where I earned two degrees, one in Fine Art and the other in Political Science.  

My Fine Art Degree emphasis was Contemporary Painting.  I was young and desired to "see the world"  I was working with a movie production company that allowed me travel to Europe frequently. Ironically I didn't take a single photo in my first 11 trips to Europe.  My photographic eye could only gravitate to Ansel Adams.  So every spare moment I had was spent traveling the west and visiting the places that Ansel inspired me to visit.  Taking photos was just an afterthought; a way to do something creative while "seeing the world"  After a few years I had taken some pretty inspiring images of my own... and through no purposeful intention, the path to my destiny had begun.  

The images on this site represent a fraction of the images I have produced or captured in my journey... and God willing is only the scratch on the surface of what I have yet to come.